Duane Frager

Over the last 4+ years, I have had the honor of serving as your Madison Village Councilperson, after my initial appointment on January 1, 2010. I’ve had many experiences that have helped me to become a better representative. I’ve always believed that hard work, honesty, follow up & communications were necessary tools for being successful in life. I’ve also always believed in your ability to fairly disseminate the issues of the day.

In that time, I have been appointed by 2 different mayors and by council to serve on the following Sub-Groups: Audit, Roads and Parks, Economic Development, & on the Madison School and Madison Township Liaison Advisory Groups.   In addition, I have been appointed to the Madison Joint Recreation District, The Fireboard District & the Website Enhancement Panel. In almost every case, within the various groups, I have had the privilege of being elected chairman and/or Co-chairman by my peers. I have also served on the Ad-Hoc search groups to find the new Village Administrator and before that, the new Village engineer.

I have also been directly involved in implementing legislation that will now help bring more business to the village, that will now fairly allow for the use of the parks without putting more financial burden on the residents, that gives the MJRD an opportunity to build a new recreational park & the funding of the website enhancement efforts so that these and other current communications will be easily assessable.

In areas where I was not directly involved, I have tried to be a” watchdog” for the resident’s dollars & interests. I continue to make sure that our new storm water management program is funded & at the forefront of discussions. I introduced the amendment to end the increase in our water bills & restore the old rates once the waterline projects have been completed. There are other concepts that I will continue to press, with your help, like consolidation of efforts between the Village and the TWP for budgetary purposes.

We appreciate and respect; honesty, hard work, integrity and a real desire to do the right thing in their political leaders. Madison Village has a number of tough issues that have to be dealt with now and in the near future. They cannot be passed along for others to deal with any longer. We want and deserve someone in office that is looking out for them, which really means someone that they can trust. We want and deserve our political leaders to be approachable, accessible and have a desire to communicate with us. We are tough, smart and able to handle the truth. It is something that I have seen and experienced in my time here and is part of what attracted me to Madison in the first place.

Personally, my wife Alex and I have been involved with a number of organizations that are directly tied to enhancing my family’s experiences here in Madison. These groups include the Madison South Elementary PTA (formerly PAC and PFC), the Madison Dad’s Club, coaching for the youth football, baseball, tennis and basketball programs and running the YMCA Youth Flag Football program. My association with Lifeline Church on Middleridge has helped me to stay focused on what is important in my life. We want to make a positive difference in this community for our 3 children, our friends and all our neighbors.

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