2021 Ordinances

An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract pursuant to the Ohio Department of Transportation Cooperative Purchasing Program for road salt  contracts awarded in 2020; and declaring an emergency.

2-2021 (As amended)
An Ordinance making permanent annual appropriations for the current expenses and for other expenditures of the Village of Madison, State of Ohio, for the period beginning January 1, 2021 to and including December 31, 2021 and declaring an emergency

An Ordinance authorizing the transfer of funds from the General Fund to various other funds as previously budgeted, and declaring an emergency.

An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract for Village insurance with Glatfelter Public Practice; and declaring an emergency.

An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to execute grant agreement(s) with the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council for the 2021 Energized Community Grant Program; and declaring an emergency.

An Ordinance establishing a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (“DORA”) in Madison Village, Ohio pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 4301.82, enacting regulations therefor; and declaring an emergency.

An Ordinance approving the final subdivision plat of Permanent Parcel Number 02-A-006-A-01-001-0 to create a new half-acre subdivided parcel; and declaring an emergency.

An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to execute a Jobs and Commerce Economic Development Agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation, and, to enter into a Subrecipient Agreement with Madison Interstate Properties, LLC, each related to the development and construction of Great Lakes Way; and declaring an emergency.

An Ordinance approving a Real Purchase Agreement with the Board of Lake County Commissioners for the acquisition of Permanent Parcel Number 02-A-006-A-01-001-0, as subdivided; and declaring an emergency.

An Ordinance to establish a Special Fund for the Madison Energy Special Improvement District; and to declare an emergency