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View/Pay your bill on-line!
To access the Customer Portal Log-In Page for your Madison Village Water/Sewer bill, CLICK HERE

To have your water/sewer bill automatically debited from your checking/savings account monthly: Call Debbie DePledge at Madison Village for an application form or more information at 428-7526 x101.  To print the application form, click here

If your water meter is located inside your home, you may have an analog remote on the outside of the home.  It is advised that you periodically check your water meter against your remote to make sure that the numbers are close.  There can be a slight difference in the numbers, however; if you notice a significant difference in the  numbers, please contact Village Hall.


 Typical Analog Remote:                                                                           Typical Water Meter:   



Most people are not aware that they own the lateral sewer line and the water line that run from the water main to their homes.  That being the case, the homeowner is responsible for the costs associated with a break or a failure to those lines.  These repairs can be very expensive.  Click here for more information on available insurance to cover these and other household repairs.

If you have a water problem outside of normal business hours, please call Madison Village Police Dispatch at  (440) 428-2115.

Pictures of the valve replacements completed in May, 2015 in Parkway Estates.

Parkway valve 2  Parkway Valve 1

Pictures of the fire hydrant and valve replacement that were completed in May, 2015 on Hyder Drive.

Hyder Hydrant 3 Hyder Hydrant 5  Hyder Hydrant 4

Hyder Hydrant 2  Hyder Hydrant 1

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